86xx Series

DE's all new 86xx Series of Programmable A C Power Source is compact in size and light in weight due to the use of the state of the art Switch Mode High Frequency PWM technology. These A C Power Sources come with a built in PFC with universal input to provide a typical input power factor of 0.99 at full load, suitable for all the utility power outlets in almost all the countries. The output AC is of full rated current and is delivered in the voltage range of 135V AC or 270V AC, which is user selectable, using a push switch on the front panel.
The PROGRAMMABLE AC SOURCE is provided with 16 x 2 character VF Display for parameter display (Output Voltage & Selected Voltage Range, Current, Frequency, Power & Mode of Operation; Local/Remote). The control is through a rotary encoder with the push button switch for control of output voltage & frequency. A separate output ON/OFF switch controls power to the load. The unit is protected against over temperature, overload and short circuit.
These units are available in five output power ratings of 500VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA & 3000VA. It is ideally suitable for industrial product testing; power conversion, automatic test equipment, avionics and military applications for bench top or standard 19" rack mount applications.


Compact Size and Light Weight, Standard 19" Rack Construction.
Step-less Frequency Setting from 45Hz to 63Hz.
Very Low Distortion Sine Wave Output.
Output Voltage Range Selectable 135V or 270V AC.
Galvanically Isolated Input / Output.
Independent ON / OFF Switch for Input and Output.
16 x 2 Vacuum Fluroscent Display for Parameter Display.
Complete Operation Through Push Switches & a Digital Rotary Encoder.
Automatic Protection Against Overload, Short Circuit and Over Temperature.
Built in PFC to Provide 0.99 Input Power Factor and Wide Input Range.
Conforms to EN 55022, Class A, Safety Standard EN 60950.

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