LABPOWER SERIES power supplies are Variable Voltage, High Current Switch Mode Power Supplies with remote sensing and control capabilities. They are housed in 2U high slide in type standard 19" half rack enclosures which can also be used for bench top application. It is also available in vertical table top version enclosures.
These Units are designed with highly efficient Power Factor Corrector at the input side. Its unique current limiting protection enables the output current to remain stable, while its output voltage decreases to a safe level to ensure its smooth operation.
LABPOWER Series power supplies come with one set of main output terminals at the rear and one set of auxiliary terminal on the front. The voltage and current are displayed on the front panel using 3 digit seven segment LED displays. The Voltage and Current setting is done using the FINE and COARSE multi turn Potentiometers. The Voltage can be set from 1 V onwards to its maximum rated level.
The remote sensing terminal on the front helps the user to compensate for the output line losses so that precise, regulated voltage can be made available for the desired load away from the power supply. The Output Voltage settings and its ON/OFF can be controlled through remote terminal.
Around nine standard models of these units offer the user a wide choice to choose from in addition to customization option.


Elegant Looks, Compact Size and Light Weight
Active PFC with Universal Input
Remote Sensing for Remote Point of Regulation and Remote ON/OFF
Over Load, Over Temperature and Short Circuit Protected
Thermally Controlled Variable Speed Cooling Fan
Enclosure to Suit Rack and Bench Top Applications
Available in Horizontal and Vertical Type Enclosures
Conforms to EN 55022, EN 60950, IEC 61010

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