SOLAR POWER INVERTER with Built-in MPPT Charger Controller
      SGP Series

DE GREEN POWER SYSTEM, AGPS, is your renewable energy source from Sun, which generates DC power that includes a battery bank to store the DC power, and DE Sine Wave Power Inverter. Our inverter is at the centre of the intelligent renewable energy system, seamlessly converting DC power to clean and reliable AC electricity for your needs with many additional automatic features. When the sun is up, the solar panels generate power to charge batteries and simultaneously provide electricity. At night, the DE inverter takes stored power from battery bank.


Emission Free Natural Energy
Near Zero Maintenance System Components
Long Life, High Efficiency Solar PV Modules
High Efficiency True Sine Wave Switch Mode Inverter
Employs Unique Sleep Mode to Prevent No Load Drain
Micro Controller based Charge Controller with Built in Temp. Compensation
Electronic Protection for Short Circuit / Over Current of Solar and Load

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