SPI Series

SPI Series Sine wave Power Inverters employ the latest state of the art High Frequency Switch Mode Technology. They are very light in weight and compact in size in addition to offering high conversion efficiency and very low no load loss. These units come with in-built protection against low and high input voltage, overload and short-circuit. An unique circuitry of these Inverters ensure that the Inverter draws current from the DC source only when there is some minimum load, to make it ideal for Solar PV applications.
These Units can be offered in standard 19" rack enclosures as well as table top/wall mount type enclosure to suit a wide range of application such as Telecom, Signal, Emergency lighting, medical instrument, cash registers, light duty motors, power tools, RV, renewable energy like Solar PV, small wind generators and many more. The SPI series is available from 300W to 2000W suitable for the input DC working voltage of 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V and 110V. The optional features include in-built switch mode battery charger with an auto-change over relay.


High Frequency Switch Mode PWM Technique
True Sine Wave Output
High Conversion Efficiency, Very Low, Negligible No Load Loss
Sleep Mode Pulse Circuitry to Ensure Low No Load Drain
Conforms to EN 55022
Very Low Audible Noise
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