ENCLOSURES - SPR Series

DC-AC Sine wave Inverters of SWR Series is specifically designed for its use in Telecom and Railway Signaling applications. These Units are housed in attractive and compact Standard 19” enclosures with all its controls and Indication on the front. The terminations are normally provided on the rear. These Inverters come with high conversion efficiency and work with Input Voltage of –48V DC for Telecom and 110V DC for Railway Signaling applications. These units are designed to work in ambient temperature range of -10°C to 50°C with an effective thermal management design.


High Conversion Efficiency, Low No-Load Loss.
Sleek and Compact Standard 19” Rack Enclosures.
High Frequency Switch Mode Technology.
Continuous Duty with High Crest Factor.
Digital Controls and Protections.
Very Long MTBF.
Wide DC Input Range.
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